Top Five Website Mistakes

In the age of technology, your website is the face of your business. Does your website portray your brand as contemporary, trustworthy, and responsive? Or have you committed one of these great web design website mistakes instead?

You don’t have a website or you have an ugly website

If you don’t have an online presence and rely instead on traditional advertising to increase awareness of your business, you’re missing out on a large chunk of potential customers. Many people browse online reviews, which lead them to your website. If your site is clunky, dated, or difficult to navigate, it’s a reflection of your business. Your website should be visually appealing and intuitively designed to optimize customer interaction.
If your customers search for your establishment online and they can’t find a web presence, then they’re most likely to move on. Having a website, even a poorly designed one, is a better option than none at all. You won’t be able to reach your customers if they can’t find you, and that’s increasingly on the internet, versus more traditional methods.

Your Website doesn’t look authentic

If you have financial transactions as an option on your website, or even if you have a form to gather user data for sales leads, make sure that you’re securing your site visitors’ data. Show that your site is safe with smart lock technology, visible as a green padlock in your URL bar. Your entry forms and your transaction pages should look clean and crisp, lending a sense of authority to your site. Your website also helps build trust with your customers, by establishing you as an authentic expert. Choose real, professionally shot photos instead of stock pictures, and give detailed information about your business. Adding high-quality verification, such as case studies, reviews, and testimonials from leading authorities also bolsters confidence in what you’re selling.
An “immature” font, too many vivid colors, or an abundance of clip art pictures don’t convey the message that you are a responsible, professional business. Consider your website as “attire” for your shop – dress it up nicely to impress.

Your Website message fails to speak to your target audience

If you’re selling to a certain demographic, make sure you’re addressing them in a language that they speak. Don’t infantilize your verbiage, but you needn’t be overly formal, either. Your communication with your target customers should convey an inspiring message, and give them things that can identify with. Strike a chord with their needs and lived experience, and you’ll find a more receptive audience.

Your Website is not responsive and doesn’t work on smartphones and tablets

Roughly 60 percent (source: Hitwise) of your website’s visitors are mobile users. That means that if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, then you’ll be missing out on sales and customers because they can’t navigate your site on the go. Your website should be scalable: your website bends and twists to fit every screen. This is called responsive web design, and it’s very important. If people don’t realize your website actually operates differently on their smaller screen, you’ve done something right.

You’re not including a “Call To Action” on every page

Your Call to Action (CTA) belongs on every page of your site. Visitors may only click one page – make sure that your verbiage on each page directs them to your field input forms for more information, or to your sales, andproducts page to request a quote. If you’re selling your goods and services over the internet, then make sure that every page has a clickable (secure!) link to the purchase and check-out page.
If you notice that your online presence has one of these great web design website mistakes, don’t fret. Contact your local Jacksonville website agency, Agile Tech, for websites that solve problems and turn visitors into customers.

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